Wanna be a professional of Japanese tea and Kimono!

I am gonna be a master of Japanese tea and Kimono!

I spent a long holiday last week mostly with 2 of my precious grandmas.

May 2 was “The 88th Day” from “The First Day of Spring” according to the lunar calendar.
It is also a sign of the time of the very first picked green tea of the year is getting ready soon.
My grandma in Tokyo and I went to a tea field in Sayama, Saitama Prefecture where she was born.
We checked how much the tea leaves were grown before picked.
They looked so fresh, shiny and beautiful!

After that we visited a relative of Grandma who ran a green tea shop near this area.
He told me that the tea picking time there would be in the middle of May so I promised him to come back soon haha


Then I moved to the other grand parents’ in Gunma Prefecture.

Grandma in Tokyo is a Japanese green tea professional.
On the other hand, Grandma in Gunma is a Kimono specialist!

She was specialized in dressing dancers in a Kimono for a Japanese traditional dance called ” Nihon Buyo”.
Thus she knows the best and proper way to put on a Kimono “elegantly” and tips of that a Kimono will “never get loos” on you even if you dance in it 💃
How cool is that!

So I conducted Kimono training camp and kept putting on and off Kimono from morning till night for 3 days under her coaching!
Meanwhile Gunma Grandma received a parcel of the very first picked green tea of Shizuoka Prefecture from Tokyo Grandma.

She called Tokyo Grandma to say thank you for the tea.

Tokyo G: “Rika is working quite hard about green tea in Tokyo.”
Gunma G: ” She is doing well with Kimono here too. Very impressive.”
Me: (Awww such a pleasant conversation…)
Tokyo G: “I know her dedication to tea is amazing… but she is too persistent!”
Me: (…Whaaat!!!!)
I have been too excited for the first picked tea recently and it seems like Tokyo Grandma is getting tired of me asking and talking to her about it so many times…!!! whoops… 

Anyway I am not so good as I can participate in a tea ceremony yet though I have been taking lessons seriously since last November, which means that don’t have an opportunity to putting on a Kimono yet…!
Still I will keep training myself to be a graceful and elegant Japanese lady under my grandmas’ guidance!!
Wish me luck my friends!!

( This front photo shows that how much motivated I am! haha )


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