Teahouse near Sensoji Temple "Saryo Tsuboichi" in Asakusa

Saryo Tsuboichi is a teahouse 7 min walk away from Kaminarimon, or 4 min away from the main hall of Sensoji in Asakusa, Tokyo. They were founded in 1850 in Sakai, Osaka. Their professional tea appraisers select tea leaves from farms very carefully and that enables them to serve a good quality of tea in their tea houses. You can also purchase tea leaves at the teahouse.

Firstly enjoyed a tea porridge which is a rice porridge made with roasted green tea. Also a beautifully toasted rice cake was in it. Their toasty flavours matches so perfect!
Secondly I had a Matcha set with rich Matcha icecream, Matcha Mochi or rice cake filling sweet bean jam with Matcha and Matcha tea.
Oh my goodness, it was so yummy….!
I felt he quality of their Matcha is really well.
Also they all have different textures so it was fun to taste all of them 🙂
Finally I had a Matcha Mochi pie.
It looks like a normal pie but a soft and sticky rice cake inside. So it’s crispy at the first bite but you will also enjoy its nice stickiness of mochi right after.
It was amazing!!!
Anyway you should watch the video to see what they are like 😉

Check out the teahouse with Miss Tea Ambassador, Rica before your visit :

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