Charity Soprano Concert for Japanese & Timorese Children ~ Special Collaboration with Japanese Tea ~


Thank you very much everyone who supported

our event directly or indirectly!


That preparation of the event was very hard

but it ended up as a good-quality concert.

However I’m not 100% happy

because promoting/advertising an event

in East Timor with a big distance

from Japan was difficult and I wasn’t able to attract

so many people nor able to raise so much fund

as the concert two years ago for Timorese children.


On the hand, thankfully Japanese ambassador

and his wife joined our concert.

After the event, he told us more people should experience this

and showed his support for the event next year through the embassy.

It is such a great honor for us!

We are sooooo happy by his supportive word!!!


What’s more a man from an organisation from Sri Lanka

who joined the event ask me for a tea seminar in Sri Lanka.

He even wants to sponsor CHA-Link! If it happens, it is going to be so cool!


CHA-Link project is now reaching more and more people in other countries and I am more than happy…!

I will not forget to thank people and treasure each opportunity I get offered.


Again thanks everyone who always supports me!!!

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