【Tea Field Therapy】Tea Mindfulness in the Farm near Tokyo:Brand new experience that you have never done before!

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“May you be peaceful with Japanese tea, even just a little.” A special collaboration between a tea farmer in Sayama, Saitama and a tea therapist from Tokyo!

I’m happy to tell you that we are now offering superb tea therapy based on mindfulness and traditional Japanese tea ceremony at the tea field, in partnership with the tea farm, Miyanoen (Sayama City, Saitama Prefecture)

What is Tea Field Therapy

~ A healing experience in a tea field that you have never done before ~


Tea Field Therapy is designed as a healing experience from plucking tea in the tea field to drinking your original tea.

1. Have direct contact with nature

We organize the event in a farm of Sayama tea, one of Japan’s three finest teas. 

Pick the tea leaves with your own hands.

Under the big sky, you will come in contact with nature while listening to the chirping of little birds.

2. Make your original tea with all your heart

Knead the tea you just plucked with your own hands and dry it to make green tea.

The natural aroma of tea will relax you, which is produced when the tea leaves are heated and dried.

3. Enjoy the tea with all your senses

You will brew tea quietly with a special method: A fusion of traditional Japanese leaf tea ceremony and practical mindfulness.

Forget about the time and enjoy your tea with all your senses while feeling the nature surrounding you.

Don’t worry if you don’t have any tea and mindfulness experience as we will guide you to brew tea mindfully.

We need Tea Field Therapy “NOW”!


~ Don’t hesitate to say you are tired ~

Recently the word “CORONA ZUKARE” ( “Tired-for-corona” ) has been often used among us.

Actually people who would say “I’m tired” are fine because they are aware of their mental conditions. 

On the other hand, we worry about the people who would say “I’m still alright” .

That’s because those earnest people tend to be more responsible and they would keep the rules and be patient. 

To tell you the truth I am one of them.

I’m kind of a person who loves staying at home and it doesn’t bother me.  

However, one day I was heading for Sayama from Tokyo before I came up with this project.

The closer I got to the tea farm the more nature I felt around me. Then, I felt a breeze blowing through my heart.

It made me realize that I was actually exhausted from staying at home, and staying in the artificial environment.

Tea Field Therapy based on scientific evidence

Tea field


A study in 2019 by Mathew White and other researchers from the University of Exeter showed that “spending at least 2 hours a week in nature is associated with good health and wellbeing”.

Following this theory, we will offer you the therapy for 3 hours in the nature of a tea field.

In addition, apart from tea picking, you will experience other activities under the roof.

We are ready to take measures to prevent summer heat stroke and the spread of covid-19.

The farm will provide All-you-can-drink cold tea of various types such as roasted green tea and different green teas!

Mindfulness Tea Brewing Method “cha-link”


Mindfulness means a state of mind simply focusing on what is happening to you at this moment.

Recently mindfulness has been widely used in medical practice and business training around the world.

We will guide you to brew tea slowly and gently, and to focus on breathing, the aroma and flavor of your tea, and your senses.

Message from us to you


Thank you for reading this. 

I’m Rica Takeuchi, Founder of CHA-Link.

I originally came up with the concept of the Tea Mindfulness before the covid-19 pandemic.

It came from my experience in East Timor, a developed country as a Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteer.

In East Timor people lived happily by helping together so well that they couldn’t even understand the concept of “suicide.”

After finishing my mission, I returned to Tokyo and experienced a reverse culture shock.

When I saw so many exhausted Japanese office workers on the train, I was scared.

I felt like Japan was losing the wealth of mind in exchange for economic wealth.

My inner voice said, “I want more people to be awake and think about what true happiness is.”

I was born in a family who had run a tea shop and have become a master of Japanese loose leaf tea ceremony.

Based on my knowledge I have developed the tea mindfulness method as soon as acquiring the professional qualification to be a mindfulness specialist.

Around that time covid-19 pandemic happened.

People were suffering from bigger stress and anxiety.

The situation grew even worse.

“Now is the time to calm people’s minds with the power of tea!” I thought.

While I was working it out, I happened to know that the tea farm, Miyanoen, that I visit every harvest season had the same passion as mine.

They were also noticing the potential of plucking and making tea as a therapy.

So they were thinking of a way to heal people in the tea field who are depressed at home now.

Though we are tea experts, we both want participants to stay as they feel like.

You don’t need to be bound up by our time schedule and methods.

If you feel like just lying down, go for it!

We are especially waiting for you, who are caring for the world and the people who have a strong sense of responsibility.

Why don’t you take a little break with us?

The Outline of the Tea Field Therapy


Timeline of the therapy

  1. Pluck tea
  2. Make tea
  3. Brew tea (Tea Mindfulness)
  4. Lunch (Buy food at a local direct sales market)
  5. Free time

Services and Things Included

  • Tea picking & making experience
  • tea mindfulness therapy
  • tea leaves
  • farmer’s special all-you-can-drink teas
  • tea footbath

The First Therapy

Date: June 18th (Friday)

Location: Miyanoen 25-2 Kitairiso, Sayama City, Saitama Prefecture

Time: 10: 00-14: 00 (1 hour lunch break)

Maximum number of participants: 4

Participation fee: 8,800 yen (tax included)Reservation form: https://forms.gle/eonv98iJYzVCrJoe9

It is planned to be held regularly from July to October.

* After the first event, we will improve and change the contents based on customer feedback.

Guides for Tea Field Therapy

Rica Takeuchi from CHA-Link

  • First Miss Tea Ambassador
  • Master of Japanese Leaf Tea Ceremony
  • Japanese Tea Instructor
  • Mindfulness Specialist

Keiji Miyano from Miyanoen

  • Japanese Tea Instructor
  • Japan Tea Promotion Association – Tea Education Instructor
  • National Tea Commerce and Industry Cooperative Association – Certified Tea Master
  • National Handmade Tea Promotion Association – Certified Teacher
  • Happy Tea Time Creator

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us


Email address: info@cha-link.com

For those who cannot make it this month


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Thank you for reading till the end!

Hope to see you in the event 😀

Rica Takeuchi