About Us

About Us

CHA-Link aims to Link people from different worlds through Japanese tea.

There are 2 objectives of this website:

1.  To be a guide for you to explore the amazing world of Japanese tea

Firstly we will provide information about Japanese tea mainly for foreign people

We would like to assist them to enjoy Japanese tea in their countries and also to experience Japanese tea when they visit Japan. So our website has organized helpful information into 3 categories: “Learn“, “Experience” and “buy” Japanese tea.

2. To be a big supporter for people who work for Japanese tea industry

Secondly we will support people who are involved in Japanese tea industry by sharing not only Japanese tea itself but also their inspiring jobs and activities with the world. Our family also used to run a tea shop in Tokyo but closed it for a financial difficulty in 2013. I cannot sell tea leaves any more but now I am keen to focus on public relations and encourage Japanese tea industry.

Japanese tea is not just a drink but a fascinating legacy of Japan in terms of many different perspectives such as culture, history, health & beauty, relaxation, etc.

Japanese cuisine has been added to UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage list since 2013.

Following that, Japanese tea has also been attracting people around the world.

Also we are planning to organize events to connect people and people from different countries through Japanese tea.

So please follow us on this website or other social media and I will see you in Japan or let’s talk online 😃

Let’s enjoy Japanese tea together with us even if you haven’t tried it yet or haven’t had it for a long time!