Shizuoka-Cha (Shizuoka)

Deep-steamed green tea is steamed longer than standard (steamed) green tea. It is mild and rich in taste and its color of tea is beautiful deep green.

Is is popular all around the country but especially you can enjoy nice and tasty deep-steamed green tea in different areas in Shizuoka.

Both of female and male citizens in Kakegawa city in Shizuoka were picked up for a TV program for their lowest death rate for cancer a few years ago.
It introduced one of the reasons for the fact was the effects of deep-steamed green tea.

Shizuoka Prefecture produces tea the most in Japan and it has many different brands of tea such as Shizuoka tea, Kawane tea, Higashiyama tea and more.

Try and compare the differences of tea in Shizuoka!