How to make green tea by a Timorese Olympian Anche Cabral with Rica

A Timorese Olympian Anche Cabral shows you how to make green tea so perfectly! 

Ahhh how talented she is! I am jealous haha

Anche Cabral is a Timorese mountain bike Olympian from Rio de Janeiro.

She actually explain and shows the techniques to make Japanese green tea very well!

Techniques that Anche shows you to make perfect green tea

1 What to prepare before making perfect green tea

2 Amount of tea leaves

3 Amount of water

4 Temperature of water

5 Infusion time

6 How to adjust tea’s taste to your preference

7 Differences to make the first brew and the second brew of tea

Enjoy our conversations in their language “Tetun” from Timor-Leste. Japanese and English are subtitled.

Anche and I have been good friends since I was sent to Timor-Leste from Japan International Cooperation Agency or JICA 2014.

This ODA program under JICA called the Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteer program is like Japanese version of American Peace Corps.

Anche was a participant of the international mountain bike race, Tour de Timor, which I was part of the organizer of.

We were also in the same basketball club in the capital of Timor-Leste Dili.

If you are curious about my back ground please check out my profile 🙂 haha


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