Feel & Exerience

Tasting Mindfulness with Japanese tea

and Japanese cuisine parings

For many people, conversations are an enjoying part of our daily meals. This time, we will provide a special time for you to taste a variety of dishes and tea with your eyes closed as you sit in calm silence.

Don’t worry! You will have the opportunity to enjoy our special pairings of different Japanese cuisines and teas, and also spend time with your friends and family.


at this event, we would like you to compare your feelings between when you are eating and drinking as usual, and when you tasting it without sight and in silence.

Recently we are busy and our lives past by fast. We would then be confined to taking our meals at a computer and a smartphone on one hand. Sometimes we have no idea what we are eating because our thoughts are away from our present action. Sadly, that will lead us to forget the joy and gratitude toward our food. Let us eat and drink mindfully, in order to reactive our original human senses and see what will happen to our minds and emotions!