Kinako’s cha-link Experience Stories

Introducing the experiences of Kinako who is taking cha-link therapy and lectures! The first is Kinako’s introduction ♪

Kinako’s Profile

44-year-old housewife and freelancer

My family (husband, son 7 years old, 1 rabbit)

I’m pretty worried and serious, but

Playing with your family, playing around, eating delicious food, enjoying fashion,

I like interacting with friends who can talk deeply.

When I was a kid, I was shy and extremely nervous, so

I was able to express myself through writing.

As an adult, I worked for about 15 years to interview people and write about their stories,

After that, I graduated from the job of talking, writing and communicating for several years.

Now I am busy laughing and crying in my childcare-first life.

As I’m always sweating things I am also really clumsy.

My son often say that “Mom is a little clumsy”.

I take things too sensitively or think too much

So called “Highly Sensitive Person”.

In reality, people say I often laugh, and so does my son.

With my husband who worked at home during the corona period

After many twists and turns, we live a deep family life where as we talk a lot.

Mom, wife, woman.

Kinako’s current state

My own brain and mind

When I notice it, I am occupied by “anxiety,” “worry,” “hurry,” “issues” and “thoughts.”

About my son, myself, family and future, things around me …

Even if I want to really relax or try to concentrate and enjoy the moment, it’s not easy for me.

For example …

● Even I’m in a car driven by your husband (my husband is driving very safely)

I’m not driving and I imagine an accident

While talking, I’m worried and my body is tense.

● I worry if he gets any accidents or troubles when my son is on the way back home from school

Since I was a child, my body has always been tense, and it feels like my heart is firmly grasped.

And after giving birth, I was tense 24 hours a day without rest

That feeling accelerated at once and I experienced “postpartum depression”.

For the first time, and I couldn’t sleep at all

Even if my mind and body are heavy, I couldn’t stop taking care of my baby …

I hated my health condition while getting the happiness of becoming a mother I wanted to be.

But myself in the the photos at that time was all smiling. (The chaos of being happy but hard)

Everyone has “anxiety,” “worries,” and “troubles.”

I knew it was a waste of time just to worry

I find it painful to spend a lot of time being swayed by them.

I’m blessed with the environment, and sometimes I enjoy and smile of course.

There are many people in trouble, so I blame myself without saying that my state of mind is painful …

Thinking back, I got a lot of stress for many times other than after giving birth.

I have experienced several times of a hyperarousal state (in my case, the parasympathetic nerves were weakened and the sympathetic nerves were working so hard, resulting in insomnia, palpitation, dizziness, and emotionally unstable panic).

While thinking, “I want to be natural like myself.”

I don’t know what that means,

My mind and brain are always noisy and exhausted.