Wazuka, Kyoto

Kyoto is a historical Japanese tea producing area. The tea seeds that were planted were brought back from China by Eisai, a Japanese Zen Buddhist monk.

Azuma Tea Farm


“One day we found it strange that we had been using pesticides for tea that was considered to be a healthy drink. So we tried to farm tea with fewer chemicals at first and eventually stopped using it over the last 10 years. For the 4 or 5 years since we started it, we had many hard times such as we were only able to harvest half as much tea as it was before. However, we didn’t want to give it up and kept taking care of our farm. We had a strong belief that our efforts will bear fruit.


Now we are really proud to say, “enjoy our healthy and safe tea!” to our customers who trust us and purchase our tea. This refreshing and clear feeling is our primary motivation as a tea farmer.”


Koyone Tea Farm

Pesticide & Fertilizer Free Tea Farm

Uji is famous for Matcha but Wazuka is proud of their loose leaf teas. Geographically, Wazuka doesn’t have flat land and the tea leaves here are grown in a great gap of hot and cold temperatures. You can enjoy its beautiful astriency of authentic natural tea.

25 years ago I felt something was wrong when I saw many farms around were using a lot of chemicals for farming. Ever since 1995 I have been producing Fertilizer & Pesticide Free teas that are reliable and safe, also friendly to the environment. My creed is: Just do what you believe is right. So I just do it though it's not easy to grow teas without using any help of supplements .

Weeding out the farms is a big job but bugs won’t give you a problem any more after 10 years as their predators are taking care of them.

We’d like to continually offer reliable and safe teas so you can enjoy the authentic and natural taste of real teas.


Ocha we proud

organic green tea


Organic roasted green tea


Organic roasted Tencha


Asamiya Organic tea

朝宮 無施肥無農薬緑茶