Kagoshima, Kagoshima

Kagoshima is the second biggest Japanese tea producing Prefecture. Tea are grown all around the prefecture in a warm climate

Kagoshima Seicha


Tea Processor and blender

“We work closely with our farmers - we care for their soils and do our best to produce safe, secure and tasty tea together. We are proud of our careful work with a lot of effort to produce great teas. We are one of the first companies who has received “FSSC22000” a food safety certification in this area. Our enthusiasm to produce tasty tea as a team would be better than any others! There is a saying in Japan, 「日常茶飯事 Nichijosahanji」 “tea and meals, everyday affair”. Japanese people use this saying to tell “that is not special at all;  it can happen every day”. This saying shows that people and tea were very close to each other a long time ago. However, we don’t hear it much anymore as people are becoming busier than ever before. Even because our lives are like this, we want you to use our tea to make yourself relaxed and refreshed. “

Tea Farmers

working with Kagoshima Seicha

Yamaguchi en

We have been growing our tea leaves organically since we had a baby and we wanted to produce safer and secure tea for our children. It was not easy at the beginning but we never gave up and our tea leaves were getting stronger as they responded to our endeavors and love. Now we are proud of our beautiful tea with a rich flavor and taste. We are keen to provide a real tea for you that grew up with its natural vital force.

Kirishima Chuo Seicha

We are trying our best to produce safe and healthy green tea as much as possible. What is special about our tea is its superb aroma. Although the general tea market expects a beautiful green color in the infused tea, we produce our tea by focusing on its natural yellowy green color to be brewed. Our tea leaves are grown in the mountains with a big gap of temperatures between hot and cold, which is tough for them but this also becomes an important factor to produce their amazing aroma.

Top image on this page is Kirishima Chuo Seicha tea farm.

Henta Tea

We are grateful for those who have welcomed Henta Tea into their lives. This traditional tea from Kirishima, southern Japan features beautiful color and aroma. As an organic producer, we have been producing green tea leaves with our original organic fertilizer. We continue to do our best to stay as a prestige tea producer to deliver superior products to our consumers

Ocha we proud

Organic asatsuyu sencha


Organic bancha


Organic benifuki tea


Organic gyokuro blend tea


Organic deep steamed sencha


Organic sencha bari


Organic saemidori sencha


Organic yabukita sencha