Mindfulness Checklist

reflect on your daily life

Surprisingly many people are suffering from chronic tiredness and losing their compassion for others in their daily lives today. The very first step to start living mindfully and peacefully is to be conscious of the condition of yourself and to accept it as it is without judgment.


Now check your daily activities that can accelerate your brain exhaustion and also check if you are living a life of peace of mind:


How was it? If you have experienced any one of these, it would be a warning of your peaceless life.

However, it will be impossible to remove all your exhaustion and stress every day. Likewise, it doesn’t sound realistic to take care of everything mindfully and gently as we live an extremely busy life, especially in big cities today.

So why don’t you start with a small step if you want to improve your inner peace and reduce your stress?

On that point, cha-link will help you meditate yourself in daily tea time at home and work without special preparation.

Now your next action is to go and choose your favourite tea in the kitchen!

Here are some suggestions to find a best tea for your cha-link mindfulness practice.

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