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Japanese Tea and Garden Therapy

at a Zen Buddhist Temple

Unlike a general event, CHA-Link Kissa allows you to have a peaceful “place” and “space.” We are organizing a moment of “doing nothing” in your busy life.


During the first 30 minutes is set to have a “Time of Silence. You can watch Rica slowly and carefully make tea, sit and enjoy the beautiful Japanese Garden, feel the traditional atmosphere of an original tea room, and simply relax with a cup of tea.


The last hour is free time; you can talk to one another, continue viewing the garden, lie down and relax, meditate, or do nothing at all.


If you have been feeling frustrated or anxious recently, don’t hesitate to consult with Rica about your troubles. As a mindfulness specialist, she is ready and willing to share insight on how to deal with your stress and anxiety as long as time allows.


Visiting Rica in the temple in Tokyo will make you reminiscent of the warmth you felt when visiting your grandparents home as a child.


The head of the Jobokuin Temple, Kosugi Jushoku is very welcoming of anyone who would like to visit the temple.


Due to the small size of the tea room and in order to allow for maximum comfort we limit our guests to 6 people at one time. We recommend you book early.


We look forward to seeing you at the Jobokuin Temple.




To prevent Covid19 infections, we kindly ask you to wear a mask except when you are eating or drinking during the event. Also, we require that you please sanitize your hands and allow us to take your temperature before entering the tea room. Thank you for your cooperation.


Our events are separate from religion. We would introduce the temple to you, yet we will never push you to join their religion.

*  ”Jushoku” is an honorific title of the head of a temple. Commonly people call their names together with Jushoku or just call them “Gojushoku” without their own names.


Cha-link Kissa



~Japanese Tea and Garden Therapy at Zen Buddhist Temple~



Joubukuin Temple


〒203-0011 Daimoncho 1-3-4, Higashikurume-shi, Tokyo



Guide to the tea room in Joubokuin Temple