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Ocha Mindfulness by Rica
purify yourself and grow your inner peace

How much would the quality of your life would be improved if you live everyday with great love and compassion for yourself? The cha-link mindfulness tea brewing method allows you to make tea slowly and gently which will help your hardworking brain rest and cultivate kindness in your daily life. What’s more is all you need is 20 minutes to practice this technique which will help you manage your daily stress and fatigue with grace; additionally the more you practice the quicker you will master the technique and create a better habit of managing your stress levels.

as a gentle solution

WHAT is cha-link tea MINDFULNESS?



First Step

Reflect on your daily life

You will be able to figure out an effective solution by facing yourself and being aware of the problems that can be caused by your current conditions. Stay conscious and avoid invisible pitfalls hidden behind today’s developing lifestyle that can trigger your frustration, stress, and worries. So check your condition now!


Mindfulness Check

Get ready

Pick your favorite tea

Isn’t it one of the most delightful moments at tea time? There is no set rule when you pick a tea so simply choose your favorite tea that is appealing to you. If you are looking for one, we have a variety of beautiful organic Japanese teas for you that were grown and processed with great care and love by the local producers. If you don’t have your own teapot and other teaware, you will have access to our equipment as well.



Take a Deep Breath

Prepare your breathing, posture and mind

Finally make tea with your favorite tea utensils. Whatever equipment you use or whatever clothes you wear, the philosophy and the spirit of cha-link will never change. Heal yourself with the tea mindfulness method at a daily tea time.



cha-link will let you follow two steps to meditate yourself. In a Formal Style, you can experience tea mindfulness in the manner of a traditional Japanese leaf tea ceremony.


In the casual style of cha-link, imagine the tea meditation in your everyday life. No need to prepare a complete traditional tea set, but choose your favorite teaware.


Have a mindful time

20 min tea time will purify yourself

and grow your inner peace

Are you waking up tired, feeling nervous over multiple tasks, and/or being easily annoyed? These are not your personal problems, but social issues that can happen to almost everybody today. Unfortunately as we are exposed to stress every day, we are required to acquire some knowledge and skills to manage it. As you habitually brew and drink tea in the manner of cha-link, your peace and grace axis will be gradually established in your mind. Change yourself with us to be free from praise or criticism, good or bad, and love or hate.




If you are visiting or living in Japan, and want to learn the cha-link method in more depth and in a short period, joining our program will be the best way


Learn cha-link

Tea Mindfulness

Now we share everything about cha-link on our email magazine so you can already try practicing cha-link at your home.


Mindfulness with tea

If you visit or live in Japan, please feel free to join cha-link’s events at the temple in Tokyo. We are holding events with a small number of people for Covid19. You can also join us on Zoom.




with Rica

Overwhelmed by both being a parent and working? Exhausted for big decision makings everyday as a business owner? If you want to reduce your stress and improve your concentration right away,  why don’t you consult with Rica?


She is ready to sincerely advise you according to your issues based on her knowledge and experiences, such as a brewing method that would calm you down. And you can even try it today, how to choose your tea, breathing method and so on.


As we want to support you, those whose mind is tired under this hard time for Covid19, you can consult with her for free for a limited time.


Event News

Check cha-link events that are being held now

Cha-Link KISSA


Japanese Tea and Garden Therapy at a Zen Buddhist Temple.

Unlike a general event, CHA-Link Kissa allows you to have a peaceful “place” and “space.” We are organizing a moment of “doing nothing” in your busy life.

Check the details

cha-link Tea

Mindfulness Therapy

The whole process from boiling water until enjoying the tea consists of meditational experience. You will be feeling at peace and filled with kindness and gratitude when finishing your tea

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The First Master of cha-link


Miss Tea Ambassador Japan

Master Of Leaf Tea Ceremony

Japanese Tea Instructor / Sommelier

Mindfulness Specialist

Born in a family that had run a Tea shop in Japan. Grew up surrounded by the flavor of tea and the grace of Japanese spirits. Volunteered and worked in East Timor, and traveled all around the world as Miss Tea Ambassador Japan with her teapot. Through her experience, Rica will introduce you to a new perspective of true mindfulness, which would purify yourself and grow your inner peace.


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Ocha Mindfulness by Rica
purify yourself and grow your inner peace
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